Drug abuse and Alcoholism
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Rehabilitation for drug abuse and alcohol addiction

Rehabilitation treatment for drug addiction and alcohol abuse can be safely carried out in a rehab centre that is adequately equipped. The rehabilitation centre should have a qualified and experienced team to deal with all stages of rehabilitation – from detox to relapse prevention.

Alcohol addiction and drug abuse are devastating conditions that adversely affect all areas of the addict’s life. The family too goes through tough times.

Drug addiction in India

Drug addiction in India is a growing phenomenon, with newer drugs coming in. Traditional drugs such as marijuana apart, the latest ‘designer’ drugs are powerful and highly addictive.

Alcohol addiction has been prevalent for a long time and some states such as Punjab and Kerala have a high incidence of alcohol abuse.

Rehabilitation services in India are still inadequate and very few rehab centres offer professional and ethical treatment for drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

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